Monthly Analyst Performance Reports

If you have been a member of Filthy Rich Futures, you know that this community is different. Thousands of crypto trading communities have come and gone over the years. Our goal is to lead the way by providing the best information, support, and transparency possible, free of charge. Unsurprisingly our methods are disruptive and others start to follow our lead.

Competing with a group that’s better or at least as good as you but free of charge is almost impossible. Filthy Rich Futures is the classic, the original, but better. Filthy Rich Futures is free. It’s impossible compete with that.

As a trader, you want to be as successful as possible. For this, you need to be a part of the most innovative group, which means you trade with Filthy Rich Futures. We strive for excellence in community experience, risk management and above all else, trading results.

On this page we will post our monthly performance report as a PDF every month. You can download and read it to get a sense of our overall performance and the performance of individual analysts. This way, the report can serve as one of the inputs in your decision of which trading ideas you want to learn more about, do your own analysis and eventually take a trade if the conditions are right.


Nothing we do at Filthy Rich Futures is to be construed as financial or investment advice. We do not give any advice other than “Consult a certified financial professional for advice tailored to your specific financial situation, before you take any action whatsoever.”

Learn how our community’s trading ideas have worked out in the past by using the reports below.



January 2024

December 2023