A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This article explains how to configure your Discord privacy and security settings correctly, so it becomes more difficult to attack you. In doing so, you can still have a nice time without being separated from your money. Let’s dive right in.

Any trading Discord server has to deal with scammers trying to attack their members. We went to great lengths to keep them out and even went as far as to pay our members for reporting scammers to us (and yes, we still do that). This year, Discord changed its username model and introduced new usernames. At first glance this seemed like a good decision, but Discord’s new user names didn’t make security better. Arguably the security situation got plenty worse. It’s critical to configure your Discord privacy and security settings correctly in order to stay safe.


Let’s start off by configuring a few necessary things in terms of your Discord privacy and security settings. Open up your discord settings from the bottom-left corner of the interface if you’re on Windows or from the Me section on the bottom-right if you’re on mobile. You’ll want to get to your settings.

Here’s where you’ll find them in Windows or a Browser.

Account Security on Windows
Account Security on Mobile

Now, from here it’s pretty easy. There’s a few things you’ll want to configure. We’re going for the maximum security solution here, you will likely feel some impact from this but hey, better safe than sorry. I promise you that missing a message is easier to deal with than missing your money.

Let’s start with Privacy and Safety, filter ALL direct messages and disable ALL options. Specifically, do not allow any server members to contact you.

Next, under Friend Requests, under no circumstance should you enable “Everyone” to send you a friend request.

You may want to enable Friends of Friends and Server Members, that’s up to you. There are some very specific situations where one of the team members may send you a friend request. Just remember, your friends’ friends might not be your friends and server members might be scammers we haven’t removed yet. If you receive a friend request, you must verify who sent it.

Under Advanced, enable Developer Mode. You need this in case you have to report a potential scammer. When Developer Mode is enabled, you can get the user ID from a member. We need this ID in order to ban the bad folks from the server. If you have this enabled, reporting scammers becomes so much easier. 

We pay you actual money for reporting scammers. Report a them and find out!

When you report a scammer or spammer, you can easily report their unique user id by right-clicking their name as selecting Copy User ID. Then past it in the support ticket chat. We can immediately take action in this case.

Enable Developer mode


If you right-click a server on Windows or in your Browser and select Privacy Settings, you’ll find that you can configure your privacy settings on a per-server basis as well. Server members are monitored closely at Filthy Rich Futures, but only to the extent permitted by Discord’s Terms of Service. Here are the settings we recommend.


If someone contacts you, always be cautious. Public chats are much safer thanks to our moderation team. Direct messages are out of view of server staff and cannot be monitored. Scammers know and abuse this. When you are in a private conversation, you are completely unprotected. The only thing that might protect you is you. Here’s what you need to check when you receive a message from a server member.

Right-click their name and select View Profile.

The first thing you’ll want to check is if they share the Filthy Rich Futures server with you. If this is not the case, it’s a scammer. You’re done, block them. Here’s an example of a scammer posing as Uncle Rich (the owner of Filthy Rich Futures) from outside the server.

No servers in common…. pretty fishy.

Looking closer at their User Info, you can see there’s some things that stand out about this account. Let’s compare the real profile of Uncle Rich on the left-hand side to the fake profile of .unclerich on the right-hand side. The name is unique, there’s only one unclerich. Anything similar is a fake, but that’s not enough. Scammers can also use different character sets to make the name look the same. This is known as a homoglyph attack and it doesn’t just work for domain names, but for usernames as well

Now that you know what to look for, there’s one more thing I’d like to recommend. Whenever (and in spite of our security recommendations) you receive a message from a “member of the moderation team”, look them up in the member list and message them from there. If you end up in the same conversation, it’s really a member of the moderation team. If it’s a different conversation, it’s time to report the scammer and receive your reward for reporting them.


We love our members and we take pride in our mission to ensure that everyone has a safe, happy and above all, profitable trading experience. Trading profitably is hard. Scammers make this even harder than it already is, but we’re still winning. There’s nothing we’d like to do more than eliminate the people who attack our members but with Discord’s deplorable track record of dealing with scammers on their platform, we’re sometimes left out in the cold.

If you follow the advice in this blog post and configure your Discord privacy and security settings correctly, you should be reasonably safe. However, you can never assume you’re completely safe and something bad can always happen. This is why we preach good security practices. Those security practices apply to everyone. Set up 2-factor authentication, use proper anti-virus, familiarize yourself with the threats you can expect. Never let your guard down. Our security channel is modest but it’s a great place to start.

Trading is about risk management but when you think about it, our entire lives are about risk management. For successful living, we must manage our risk. It’s not what we’d like it to be but trust me, happiness will eventually shine through.

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